Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

12 Hot Trends For Mobile Phones

12 Hot Trends For Mobile  Phones
The smartphone of 2012 doesn't look anything like the smartphone of 2011.look to the future and you can see how we are set for more revolutionary changes, A look at technologies and trends that will transform the mobile in the coming months.

Mobiles have become necessity for most of us.Today,wherever we go,whatever we do,we have a mobile phone at hand. So much so,that it wouldn't be wrong to say that the handset has become an organ or the human body.but it wasn't so till a few years ago, when these phone were just meant to make voice calls as well as send  and recieve text messages.

Apple launched its iPhone at a time when Bluetooth,calculator and alarm were the most advanced features in the phones.But that was before the advent of the tablets,which suddenly spoilt the game for the smartphones.The inse curity oflosing the battle to the larger screens has transformed the smart phone segment-with manufacturers upgrading from single-core processors to dual core and bringing in bigger displays and better cameras,all within a year.But this is a race  that never ends,Now,we see leading brands going for quad core processors,mobile money,HD displays, is a flavour of how smarphone will shape up in 2012.

1. Android 4.0 gains graund
Google's response to the Android fragmentation was the Android v4.0,or ice-cream Sandwich,combining   the best of gingerbread and honeycomb.Meant for both mobile phones and tablet devices,the new OS features virtual buttons for  back,home and apps.

Though announced in October 2011,only the Samsung Galaxy nexus sports the operating system so far.But the Nexus is availabe only in select markets.Homever,things are set to change as a slew of new phones are being announced with ice-cream sandwich on board.While some of the phones are runing the latest version of the OS,the rest will have Gingerbread,ready for an upgrade.since only Nokia is talking about new Windows phones,Android v4.0 seems to be the hottest OS of 2012.
2.Incoming quard-core  Next....