Rabu, 11 April 2012

I can t download apps from the Android Market.

I can t download apps from the Android Market.

I have downloaded apps to my phone from the Android Market in the past with no problems, but since changing to a new phone I can’t any more. I can see my previous purchases in Android Market so my account is line. Any ideas? Sharom morse

Your problem is not  uncommon, Sharon,and there could be many reasons for your unsuccessful downloads.

We will presume that you have not downgraded your Android phone to a lower model because that can cause problems with compatibility- not all Android apps support all phones,There is a series of steps you can try to get things working again and we will take them in order.

    First, cancel any downloads that you have started and restart your phone. Now try to download some free apps to see if that is successful. Next, you need to go to https://wallet.google.com/manage and check to ensure that your payment information is still valid. It does happen that when a credit card goes out of date.

 you will not always receive a warning about this. Alternatively, try downloading apps using both Wi-Fi and mobile data and make sure that, if using mobile data, you can still use the browser, This will clear the possibility of tirewalls blocking your downloads. Finally, try clearing the Android Market cache on your phone; just go to Setting,s> Applications:-Manage applications and then select the Android Market app. Tap Clear

data and then Clear cache. Do the same with Download Manager. One of these steps should solve your problems and get you downloading apps again. There is one other thing to check which is signing in to Google Talk on your phone; if you can do this, there is no reason why you can't download apps from the Android Market.