Kamis, 26 April 2012

Android : Exchange ActiveSync setup problems

Android : Exchange ActiveSync setup problems
I have been trying to set up an Exchange ActiveSync connection on my Android phone for days and still can’t seem to getthe settings right. I have asked my manager for the details and he has them viorking on his device. but still I can’t connect from my phone. what could I be doing wrong?
Clive Beesina

 A  It's difficult to know what you're doing wrong without  knowing every detail oi your Exchange setup, but wie understand you not wanting to share such sensitive data.   There are many reasons why an Exchange setup can be problematic and it is not always because ofthe settings you are inputting on your phone.

Problems can occur because the server you are trying to connect to is barring your phone, or because some settings need to be changed on the server side to let your phone connect. It’s also possible the information you are given, while technically correct, may need to be tweaked before being input. Further, not every Android phone requires setting up in the same way, making everything even more confusing.

Take a look at our tips below for Exchange ActiveSync which are designed to cover all devices and hopefully the answer will be held within. if you continue to have problems, try inputting your settings on a device you know works with the same sewers and, if it works, you’ll need to chase the manufacturer  and your employer for help.

1. Domains
The domain address you need to use may
be listed as just one word or as a full URL address.
One tip is to add a backslash followed by your
username. This is rarely written down, but can
work for many users to help simplify the process
of setting up your account.

The SSL settings for a secure connection to
your mail account will typically be left to you to
input. For Exchange connections, it is advisable to
tick both the `Use secure connection’ and ‘Accept
all SSL certificates checkboxes in order for the
connection to succeed.

3. Alternatives
 It is possible to set up an Exchange
connection in other ways such as IMAP which will
offer some of the same functionality. It you find
that everything you do does not work. ask your
server administrator if you can use the INI AP
protocol and request the relevant settings.