Minggu, 15 April 2012

Android ,Clear you net history

Android ,Clear you net history
Makae Chrome even faster by erasing your  browsing history
After you've used Chrome for a while, you'll have quite a detailed and varied browsing history that lists all the pages, articles and videos you’ve opened while using the browser. Every time you open a page, data is stored within your device relating to il. This data varies in the size, and although most of it is insignificant, it can quickly build up and you will eventually notice a slowdown while you are using the browser.

As well as clearing your data, you can choose to erase the passwords that are stored on your device, and the data that automatically appears when you log in to certain sites. Regardless, clearing your browser data is a quick and simple process. Here’s how to do it.

1.Open up your Settings
with Google Chrome loaded on your home
screen, press the Options button on your device.
Press the Settings option from the drop-down
menu that now appears on your smart phones
screen. This will take you to the available
customisable options within Chrome.

2.Under The Bonnet
There are plenty of things you can change
within Google Chrome‘s varied and extensive list of
settings. Scroll down within the Settings page until
you reach the Under The Bonnet sub-menu. Now
select the Clear browsing data option to continue
on to the next step.

3.Select your data
This screen now lists all the elements of
your Google Chrome app that can be erased. By
ticking or unticking the option, you can carefully
select what you want to get rid of. Press the
button labelled Clear to begin the process. This
can take a few minutes to complete.