Rabu, 11 April 2012

Adding a notebook to Spri ngpad

Adding a notebook to Springpad

Get you rself better organised by producing a wealth of notebooks foryour future reference

1.Starting a new nobebook 
on the main page -the one which contains the notebooks My Stuff and Friends Stuff- tap the box with the ‘+‘ sign in it and you will be able to start producing a new notebook, making organisation easier.

2.Giving it a name
The next stage allows you to give your notebook a name. You can also colour your notebook. When you produce a lot of them, lt will make llfe easier lf you colour code in order to be able to swiftly get to the right one.

3.Use the long press
lf you need to edit your notebook in the future or lf you have made a mistake. then press and hold down on the specific notebook and it will allow you to edit it or, if you wish, delete it completely from the app.

4.Work with a notebook
when you click on a notebook you will see a menu at the too of the screen. when you tap this, you can organise your data according to anything that is flagged or has an alert. Notes can be tagged and organised this way too.