Rabu, 11 April 2012

Create notes on your Android using Springpad

Create notes on your Android using Springpad
Never forget anything again by using this brilliant note taking app

Spriugpad is one of the most powerful and useful apps you can download for your Android phone. it lets you create simple notes and reminders, giving you a powerful tool that helps to organise the useful aspects ofthe information which constantly bombards our senses. The app lets you create folders into which your notes are placed, and you get a couple as standard. One of them is Friends Stuff.

The handy thing with this folder is that you are able to view any public notes made by fellow Springpad users, which is a great social way of keeping in the know.Users can attach notes to files. These can include photographs or audio to name but two. You can also use the in-built barcode reader for speedy real·world referencing which is quite handy nowadays. Making this even more powerful is the ability of Springpad to sync with your desktop web browser.

1. Getbng started 
Download the Springpad app.It will ask you to register. Once you have done this, you are taken to the main Springpad screen. You will see two notebooks  My Stuff and Friends Stuff. You can store notes  within these folders.


2. Familranse yourself
Let’s say we are out and about and see some nice clothes that we want to buy. We want to store this  information in the My  Stuff notepad so we tap My Stuff. You will see a ‘+' sign in the top-right hand corner.

3.Begin a note
Now you need to tap on the '+’ sign and you will be given a whole  host of options to choose from. You can also scroll down to see more.  ln our case, we want to add a note, so tap the Add Note tab in order to  be taken to the right input page.

4. Write a note
Start writing your note in the space  provided. The app uses the Android keyboard and it also has auto correction. When you have finished typing your note. simply press Done and  it will be saved in your My Stuff folder so you can refer back to it later.

5.Grab a barcode
But what if the item you see when  out and about has a barcode? Again, follow Step 4 but this time,  scroll the list slightly longer and  tap the Scan Barcode option.  A scanner will appear. Use it to  capture the barcode and on the  next screen tap Add This.

6.Timed notes
What if, however, we wanted to  remember something for later? Maybe our chicken needs defrostlng.  Tap the ‘+* sign as in Step 4, scroll to Add Task. Type your  reminder, tap the date to input it and use the attachment options to  add notes, photos or audio.


7. Press Menu
By pressing t:he Menu button on  the task page, you can set  a timed reminder. You can also edit your entry very quickly. The Menu button works for other notes too. Just open a note and press it to access the options.


8.Share a note
As well as being able to store notes for yourself and edit them, you can ensure others benefit too. Items can be shared - at a bare minimum - via Gmail. messaging and Bluetooth. Press the Menu button when viewing a note then tap the Share option.