Jumat, 06 April 2012

Freshen Up You Voicemail With HulloMail

Freshen Up You Voicemail With HulloMail

Replace Your Phone's reguler voicemail with a new offering that also lets you send voice messages.Voicemails have barely moved on over the years. You call someone, cart't get through and leave a message and that's usually it.

But Hullolviail claims to be able to change all of that. lt not only allows you to manage any voicemails that you receive, it also lets you record and send voice messages to other people. Getting started is easy, but not everybody can take advantage of Hullolvlail. lt only works with phones that are on a monthly contract. The exception is the GiffGaff service.

 lt's a pain lor PAYG customers but the app does at least let you know if you are compatible before it lets you carry on.whenever you receive a message, it will appear within the app in a list. These will be accompanied by a photograph if your contacts have images attached with them. You can then tap on a message and listen to it. The smart thing is that you can also send messages via email or on Facebook, turning voicemail into a commodity that can be shared.

1.Signing up to HuIloMaiI
When you open HulloMail for the first time, you will have to sign up. From that point on, you will sign in using your phone number and password. To start the sign-up process. just tap Sign up from the blue icon.

2.Fill in your details
The app will ask for your first and last name, your email address, phone number and a password. lt will also ask what sort of contract you are on and which network provider you use. Remember, not all are compatible will HulloMaiI.

3.Verifying your account
You will be sent two emails: the first is a welcome message and the second asks you to verify your email address. You can then do one of two things. Go to your Messages or the Settings.
In this instance. tap Settings.

4.The Settrngs menu
The Settings menu is very important since it holds the key to some crucial components of the app. Here you can alter the way you deal with incoming messages. managing the way they are stored and accessed to make life easier.

5.Create a personal greeting
under the Settings menu, scroll down until you see the entry for Greetings. This enables you to record a personal message or greeting. All you then have to do is tap the option to Record a personal greeting.

6.Start to record Tap on the Record button and the app will let you speak into your phone to create a special greeting. When you have finished, hit Stop. lf you make a mistake or want to retry. you can easily rerecorcl your message.

7.Make message the default
Click back and you can now select to have your personal message playing as the default. Tap Active greeting and select either Default or Personal. Here we will be going for Personal, so tap this and it will be set.

8.Manage your messages
When someone calls your phone, they will be switched straight to Hullomail. Your voicemails will then be stored on the app. They can be accessed on the app's main screen. To hear a message, you need to tap it to play.

9.Play a message
You can use the Play button on the message screen to play. This screen also gives you the option to delete the message. You can reply to the caller with a voicemail or call back. There is also an option to tum on the speaker.

10.Marking messages
When you are on the message playback screen, hit the Menu button on your phone and you will see some more options. These include marking a message as unread or sendinga copy of it to an email address.

11.Using email and Faoebook
When a recipient receives your message, they can open it up on an MP3 player or call a number provided. You can also use Facebook with Hullomail. Use Settings to activate it. This lets you post messages to the social network site.

12.  Reoord a message
 ln the bottom-right ofthe main message screen, you will see a microphone icon. This allows you to send voice messages. Tap it and a screen allows you to include a recipient and record your message. Tap Send when you’re finished.

13.Upgrade the account
You can upgrade to the full app which costs £5.99-a-year and enables longer voicemails, individual greetings and the ability to reply via text message. lt also removes ads. Click Settings and go to the in-app store.